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Both Puritanism and Transcendentalism have evolved from religious doctrine and pervaded the American culture, politics, and identity, becoming more secular in their visions. Other philosophical themes in literature include: various conceptions of life, different visions of cosmic order, man’s relation to nature, free will versus determinism, commitment, the search for personal identity, faith, gender, authenticity, the significance of death, and the loss of meaning.

Views of transcendentalism versus puritanism; looking at "sinners in the hands of an angry god" by johnathan edwards and "nature" by ralph waldo emerson/5(6). Views of transcendentalism versus puritanism; looking at "sinners in the hands of an angry god" by johnathan edwards and "nature" by ralph waldo emerson.

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The Puritans see God as mysteriously involved in the acts of the universe, whereas the transcendentalists think God is connected to mankind through nature and intuition.

Transcendentalism, Swedenborgianism, mesmerism, Unitarianism, Universalism, and spiritualism had sewn the seeds of religious experimentation and these seeds had fallen on fertile cultural soil.

Many Americans styled themselves as progressive thinkers.

Spiritual, but not Religious: Understanding Unchurched America Views transcendentalism versus puritanism looking sinners
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Puritanism And Transcendentalism Essay