Taxol semisynthesis

Taxol : science and applications

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Semisynthesis of Taxol.

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The semisynthesis to only product takes time in China [9]. WenderWallace F. Since that time, Taxol has revealed unusual efficacy as a clinical agent,* experiencing rapid development for the treatment of brea~t,~ ovarian,'O skin," lung,12 and head and neck13 cancers.

0 1: Taxol 2: deacetylbaccatin Figure 1. Structure of Taxol (1) and deacetylbaccatin III (2). The semisynthesis of Taxol begins with conversion of deacetylbaccatin III to baccatin III by semisynthesis (d) followed by 7-hydroxyl protection as the triethylsilyl (TES) derivative, coupling to a synthetic β-lactam precursor of the N-benzoyl phenylisoserine side chain (e), and final deprotection (f).

A few years ago, our group developed an efficient semisynthesis of taxol which will provide the commercial supply, and this has made it unnecessary to destroy the environment through the. The 4-nitrophenylsulfonyl, the benzothiazolsulfonyl and the anthracenesulfonyl protecting groups were evaluated in the protection of the phenylisoserine side chain, as part of a semisynthesis of paclitaxel.

The mechanism for the cleavage of the anthracenesulfonyl group using thiols was also examined. Purchase Comprehensive Biotechnology - 2nd Edition.

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Taxol semisynthesis
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