Super bowl projections

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FMIA: On The Mack Mistake And Why Super Bowl 53 Will Be Rams-Patriots

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2018 NFL projections: FPI's 1-32 ranking, odds for Super Bowl

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Super Bowl predictions: Lombardi Ave staff make their picks

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Here are 37 Super Bowl LII score predictions from ESPN commentators

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Eye Here for details.

2018 NFL predictions: Prisco picks every game for every team, plus Super Bowl champion

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The Super Bowl in seems relatively easy to predict if one goes by the odds. The Patriots opened as 5 1/2-point favorites over the Eagles in Super Bowl 52, set to be played Sunday in.

2017 NFL Predictions

Watch video · Despite losing the Super Bowl to the Nick Foles-led Eagles and despite an offseason filled with questions about stability at the top of the organization, the Patriots remain the best team in the.

Despite losing the Super Bowl to the Nick Foles-led Eagles and despite an offseason filled with questions about stability at the top of the organization, the Patriots remain the best team in the NFL and the favorite to win Super Bowl LIII, according to our FPI projections with days to go until the regular season.

The biggest names in radio weighed in on the upcoming / season with just hours to go before the NFL Thursday Night Football opener between the. Feb 02,  · The psyche of the QBs in a Super Bowl is more important than the psychic's predictions.

Brady's short game has to be on today and Willson's short runs the same, but both must avoid getting hurt or beat up. For the Super Bowl, we also asked our final three for a score prediction.

If they got the scoreline spot on, 25 bonus points would have been awarded, or 10 for closest to the final result.

Super bowl projections
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