Rewrite advisory panel on country

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Key member resigns from Myanmar advisory panel on Rakhine

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Michael Gove

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Rewrite Advisory Panel

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Get your Member Information Conference journey off to a great start by meeting your NISC Regional Business Manager (RBM) and fellow Members from your region.

America's Trade Policy

Featured Panel 1: Gov. Matt Blunt, President, American Automotive Policy Council Dennis Darby, President and CEO, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters Kevin M. Dempsey, Senior Vice President, Public Policy and General Counsel American Iron and Steel Institute Panel 2: Christine Bliss, President, Coalition of Services Industries Owen Herrnstadt, Esq., Chief of Staff to the International President.

The government has vehemently denied that it is intended to rewrite ancient Indian history and textbooks.

Inland Revenue Department (New Zealand)

the panel's mandate could include an examination of long-held views on the advent of. If history has taught us anything, it’s that young people will always lead the way. Whether it’s the young African-American activists marching in the streets to insist that black lives do.

Rewrite advisory panel on country
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Key member resigns from Myanmar advisory panel on Rakhine | Frontier Myanmar