Reality or illusion

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Is life an ILLUSION? Researchers prove 'reality doesn't exist if you're not looking at it'

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Is life an ILLUSION? Researchers prove 'reality doesn't exist if you're not looking at it'

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Maya (religion)

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Leasing creates the illusion, not reality, of wealth

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Is the world real, or is it just an illusion or hallucination?

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Bill Cipher

No matter how small or big, it is all about synchronicity. We asked renowned neuroscientists, physicists, psychologists, technology theorists and hallucinogen researchers if we can ever tell that the "reality" we are experiencing is "real."—Hopes&Fears.

Or you could take advantage of the month lease BMW was offering, where the monthly payment was only $ with $4, cash due at signing — a $3, down payment, $ acquisition fee and your first monthly payment of $ Psychology. a perception, as of visual stimuli (optical illusion), that represents what is perceived in a way different from the way it is in reality.; a very thin, delicate tulle of silk or nylon having a cobwebbed appearance, for trimmings, veilings, and the like.

The cognitive scientist Donald Hoffman believes that evolution and quantum mechanics conspire to make objective reality an illusion. Support for provided by: What's this?

Reality or illusion
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Wild New Optical Illusion Will Make You Question Reality