Developing people

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Developing People - Building Sustainable Communities

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High Performance Promising Many people are technically impressive, yet, have a serious weaknesses when it necessary to getting along with others. Developing People to Achieve Your Mission Based on Judith Wilson and CompassPoint’s popular coaching skills workshop, this practical guide provides nonprofit managers with an understanding of why and how to coach, how to initiate coaching in specific situations, how to make coaching really work, and how to refine coaching for long-term success.

Here’s what we can promise: You’ll have the tools you need to move your career forward.

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Our career development resources will help you choose your path and build a plan to realize your goals. Nevertheless, I have observed over time that those who become the best at developing people are different in three areas: They make the right assumptions about people.

They ask the right questions about people. They give the right assistance to people. An assumption is an opinion that something is true. For example, our assumptions about people. Developing People.

In this section, you’ll find tools to help you develop the skills and performance of your staff – including tools for giving. Developing Key People Are you getting the most out of your existing talent? Every organization has people who are integral to current and future success, and these individuals need specialized development to stay engaged and to remain loyal to the organization.

Developing people starts with the self. Aim to be the kind of manager who gets the best from staff, and who does the best for them. Aim to be the kind of manager who gets the best from staff, and who does the best for them.

Developing people
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