Christianity vs greek mythology

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Greek Orthodox Church

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The Greek Versus the Hebrew View of Man George Eldon Ladd Editorial Note: This is an article for students and theologians. It is an extract from Dr. Ladd's book, The Pattern of New Testament Truth, which is an outstanding introduction to the New Ladd is Professor of New Testament Exegesis and Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary.

Christianity, in its earliest days, shared a good deal in common with the many “mystery religions” which became popular in the Roman Empire. The name Greek Orthodox Church (Greek: Ἑλληνορθόδοξη Ἑκκλησία, Ellinorthódoxi Ekklisía, IPA: [elinorˈθoðoksi ekliˈsia]), or Greek Orthodoxy, is a term referring to the body of several Churches within the larger communion of Eastern Orthodox Christianity, whose liturgy is or was traditionally conducted in Koine Greek, the original language of the Septuagint and New.

Christian mythology is the body of myths associated with Christianity.


The term encompasses a broad variety of stories and legends. The term encompasses a broad variety of stories and legends. Various authors have used it to refer to the mythological and allegorical elements found in the Bible, such as the story of the Leviathan.

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Christianity vs greek mythology
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