Bouncing egg

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Bouncy Egg

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Glowing Bouncy Egg Directions. Gather your supplies: a raw egg, a glass, vinegar and vitamin B is all you need! Open the vitamin capsules or crush them if need be, I used two capsules. Add a cup of vinegar to the vitamin powder and then the raw egg.

The Bouncing Egg Will a hard-shelled egg be able to bounce?

Bounced Check

Question: We observed that it had to take more than two days for the egg to be able to bounce. The vinegar's acid finally made it bounce when it disolves the egg's shell. The final stage should see you with a bulbous, bouncy, colourful - and let's not forget, completely raw - egg.

You can shine a light through it with a torch and get a marbled effect or you can. Game Title: Bouncing Balls Game: CLICK HERE TO PLAY NOW. Game Information: Use your mouse to aim and shoot.

Bouncing egg
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