An throttle body conversion part one

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EFI Throttle Body

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MegaSquirt Carb to EFI Conversion – Part 1: TBI Fuel Only

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Throttle Bodies

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Since I am wearing this up tank up for polish injection I needed to plug the unique bottom fuel line port. Ford GT Throttle Body. Replace your Ford GT restrictive stock throttle body with our top of the line dual or mono blade throttle body and get your DOHC the air it's lacking. The conversion comes with our throttle position sensor (P/N ) designed for 4 into one cables.

The conversion does not come with a fuel rail or fittings because there are so many ways to plumb the fuel system. The injectors have been ultrasonically cleaned and then flow matched.

New throttle shaft bushings have been installed. This throttle body has been tested on a engine and works fine. Up for auction I have a used BBK 58mm throttle body.

Part number for LT1-LT4. What you see is what you get hasn’t been used in years but worked great. Buyer pays all shipping costs. I HAVE ONE OF THESE ON MY CHEVY AND THEY HELP ON GAS MILEAGE AND POWER.

BBK Throttle Body Twin 52mm Chevy Pontiac Camaro Firebird / The throttle body regulates the air going into the valves.

Universal models are the easiest for conversions. Bolt the throttle body on and hook it up at the throttle linkage. Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Throttle Body Cost of Replacing a Bad or Failing Throttle Body Common signs include dirt, grime, and carbon deposits on the inside of the housing, electrical problems, vacuum leaks, and a very poor or high idle/5().

An throttle body conversion part one
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